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I am proud to be the Celtic Manor Championship Captain for 2019 and hope to raise as much money as possible for my 2 chosen charities. These are Newport Mind and Size of Wales.

Newport Mind  (www.newportmind.org)

1 in 4 people will be impacted by mental health problems in their life. My two sons have both known people their age who committed suicide a few years ago and it was heart-breaking.

Newport Mind are there to help people who may be in a situation where they are considering this and need somebody to talk to.

Based in Commercial Street, Newport Mind are focused on helping people who may be affected.

Size of Wales  (www.sizeofwales.org.uk)

‘An area the size of Wales’ is frequently used to measure disasters - "the rate of deforestation",  "a forest fire in California" or "an oil spill off the coast of somewhere" – always a negative association.

Wales is approximately 2,000,000 hectares, or rugby pitches - or 1,000 times the entire Celtic Manor resort. That is how much rain forest the Size of Wales set out to save. It achieved this within a few years and has since set a target to double that.

Any money we raise will help support them in their environmental work across the globe as well education and support in schools here in Wales.


Thanks to this additional funding we have already raised

over £24,000!!

Coronavirus impact/update

Most golfers are probably already missing their regular knock, but everybody knows the long-term benefits of adhering to Government advice, with the course closures, far outweighs the odd game.

This has impacted the fact that this week I was supposed to be handing over the Celtic Manor captaincy to Mark Helmich, but sadly this has been delayed. Sorry Mark!

It also meant my final golf competition to raise funds was postponed and the chance to add to the total raised has been put on hold.

However, instead of waiting until that is rearranged I felt it worth donating the money raised to date sooner rather than later as it is essential to get support to the areas it will do good.

Thanks to the people who have supported me, and the amazing people at The Waterloo Foundation, Newport Mind will be getting around £14,000 in the coming days which will go towards supporting local people with mental health needs.

Size of Wales will also be getting around £10,000 to help in their work around the world.

I will hopefully be able to raise a bit more for both charities in the coming weeks/months but it is better to pass it on now than sit in a bank account.

Stay safe everybody and thank you to everybody who has supported my 'year'.

Photos from the Captain's Charity Day July 27th 2019


Thank you to everybody who supported me on my charity day - Matt Underwood, golfers, sponsors, raffle ticket purchasers, auction item bidders, band members, choirs, catering staff, party goers, family, friends, golf members, leisure members, non-members, partners and anybody I have missed off.

The initial feedback has been very positive and I hope everybody enjoyed the golf, music, food etc.

With the matched funding from The Waterloo Foundation, the auction raised over £3,000 and the raffle around £2,000.

I have been asked if there is going to be another event during my year as Captain so watch this space!

If you were unable to take part in the golf or attend the evening but still want to support the fund raising please contact me on bstevens@mclays.co.uk or 07837 068497

Click here to see all the photos from the day!

Feel free to copy your photos if you like, but also feel free to make a small donation to the charity at the same time if you want!

 If you would like an 8x6 printed copy of any of these photographs please email me at bstevens@mclays.co.uk



Congratulations Immediate Past Captain!

A big congratulations to Craig Kerrigan for raising £5,500

for St David's Hospice Care https://stdavidshospicecare.org/ during his tenure.

Craig, along with wife Joanna and daughter Bella presented the cheque. The money will help

support the amazing work the hospice does both internally and externally.

Championship Friendlies 2019


The final friendly took place at Ashburnham on 22nd September. 

Just wanted to say thank you to all of the players who have taken part across the summer:

Mark Helmich, Steve Whittaker, Craig Kerrigan, John Baker, David Lucas, James Lomas, Steve Horseman, Andrew Ritter, Derek Bird, Jason Nelson, Kevin Morgan, David Morgan, Gareth Hobbs, Lee Edwards, Matt Morgan, Mike Hardman, Kevin Young, Steve Freeguard, Tim Beal, Trevor Moulton, Darren James, Gary Cain, Martyn Thorn, Paul Wootton, Simon Morgan, Bryan Williams, Colin Titchener, Damian Kelly, Dan Tilley, Darren Baugh, Jon Cook, Kevin Green, Lee Davies,

Phil Alderman, Ray Hughes, Rob Hornby, Steve Digweed, Tim Kefalas and Tony Sanges.  

Anybody who is interested in supporting Mark next year, keep an eye out for the fixtures on Master Scoreboard.


The day usually includes breakfast, golf and food afterwards (chips and sandwiches).

Typical cost for home and away game is between £10 and £15.

Usual format is 6 pairs from each club playing 4 ball better ball matchplay.

Not only is it a chance to represent the club in 'friendly competitive matches', it is a good way to meet other members and play some nice courses.

Royal Liverpool, Minchinhampton, Frilford Heath, Bowood, Ashburnham and The Shire are amongst clubs we have played and will almost certainly play again in future. 


50/50/50 option at comps

As 2019 was my 50th birthday I wanted to do something based on the number 50. 

All club comps this year (well ones where there are more than 50 entrants!) will have an additional option to enter the 50/50/50 pot.

For 50p you will be entered into a prize pot and whoever finishes 50th in the comp gets 50% of the pot if they entered. The other 50% goes to the charities.


If they did not enter then that part of the pot carries over to the next comp and continues to rollover until somebody wins it. 

If at the end of my year there is a 50th place pot outstanding then it will go the charity.

The first comp saw 80 people enter but the person who finished 50th didn't so that meant £20 carried over to the following week!

Week 2 saw around 70 entries so Vince Smith became the first ever 50/50/50 winner pocketing around £37.50!


Photos from the 6th April 2019 drive in

Click here to see all the photos from the day!

Feel free to copy your photos if you like, but also feel free to make a small donation to the charity at the same time if you want!

 If you would like an 8x6 printed copy of any of these photographs please email me at bstevens@mclays.co.uk




Thank you to the following sponsors!


How to donate


As mentioned above, I am hoping to raise as much money as possible in my year as Captain.

I am happy to get additional sponsors for my Captain's Charity Day in July as well as any other contributions across the year.

If you want to help please contact me on 07837 068497 or bstevens@mclays.co.uk

You can pay directly into the account set up for the fund raising, contact me if you wish to do this.

Thanks to everybody who has helped/is helping/will help!

Contact me


If you want to talk to me about the charities, the team matches or anything to do with the club,

please feel free to grab me if you see me up the club or 

Mobile - 07837 068497

Email - bstevens@mclays.co.uk

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